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Improving the System of Institutions through Which the People Run the Country and Developing Socialist Democracy


China's socialist democracy is the broadest, most genuine, and most effective democracy to safeguard the fundamental interests of the people. The very purpose of developing socialist democracy is to give full expression to the will of the people, protect their rights and interests, spark their creativity, and provide systemic and institutional guarantees to ensure the people run the country.


The path of socialist political development with Chinese characteristics is the logical outcome of the evolution of history, theory, and practice as the Chinese people have long engaged in struggles since the advent of modern times. It is requisite for maintaining the very nature of the Party and fulfilling its fundamental purpose.


Upholding the unity of Party leadership, the people running the country, and law-based governance


Party leadership is the fundamental guarantee for ensuring that the people run the country and governance in China is law-based; that the people run the country is an essential feature of socialist democracy; and law-based governance is the basic way for the Party to lead the people in governing the country. These three elements are integral components of socialist democracy.


Strengthening institutional guarantees to ensure the people run the country


We must uphold long term and steadily improve the system of people’s congresses, a political system fundamental to the Party’s leadership, the people’s running of the country, and law-based governance.


Giving play to the important role of socialist consultative democracy


The essence of the people's democracy is that the people get to discuss their own affairs. Consultative democracy is an important way of effecting Party leadership and a model and strength unique to China’s socialist democracy.


Advancing law-based governance


|Advancing law-based governance in all fields is a profound revolution in China’s governance. We must promote the rule of law and work to ensure sound lawmaking, strict law enforcement, impartial administration of justice, and the observance of law by everyone.


Deepening reform of Party and government institutions and the system of government administration


The government needs to transform its functions, further streamline administration and delegate powers, develop new ways of regulation and supervision and strengthen its credibility and administrative capacity, building itself into a service-oriented government able to satisfy the needs of the people.


Consolidating and developing the patriotic united front


The united front is an important way to ensure the success of the Party’s cause, and we must maintain commitment to it in the long term. We must uphold the banner of patriotism and socialism, strive to achieve great unity and solidarity, balance commonality and diversity, and expand common ground and the convergence of interests.


Building Stronger Cultural Confidence and Helping Socialist Culture to Flourish


Culture is a country and nation’s soul. Our country will thrive only if our culture thrives, and our nation will be strong only if our culture is strong. Without full confidence in our culture, without a rich and prosperous culture, the Chinese nation will not be able to rejuvenate itself.


Holding firmly the leading position in ideological work


Ideology determines the direction a culture should take and the path it should follow as it develops. We must continue to adapt Marxism to China’s conditions, keep it up-to-date, and enhance its popular appeal. We will develop socialist ideology that has the ability to unite and the power to inspire the people to embrace shared ideals, convictions, values, and moral standards.


Cultivating and observing core socialist values


Core socialist values represent the contemporary Chinese spirit and are a crystallization of the values shared by Chinese people.


We will focus on fostering a new generation capable of shouldering the mission of national rejuvenation; we will offer them better guidance, expose them to practice, and provide institutional guarantees. We will draw on core socialist values to guide education, efforts to raise cultural-ethical standards, and the creation, production, and distribution of cultural and intellectual products, and see that all areas of social development are imbued with these values and that they become part of people’s thinking and behavior.


Raising intellectual and moral standards


When a people have ideals, their country will have strength, and their nation will have a bright future. We will help our people raise their political awareness and moral standards, foster appreciation of fine culture, and enhance social etiquette and civility.


Seeing socialist literature and art thrive


Socialist culture and art are for the people: Writers and artists should take a people-centered approach and draw inspiration from everyday life and the experiences of the people to produce works that do justice our times.


Promoting the development of cultural programs and industries


To meet the people’s new aspirations for a better life, we must provide them with rich intellectual nourishment.


Growing Better at Ensuring and Improving People’s Wellbeing and Strengthening and Developing New Approaches to Social Governance


To lead the people to a better life is our Party’s abiding goal. We must put the people’s interests above all else, see that the gains of reform and development benefit all our people in a fair way, and strive to achieve shared prosperity for everyone.


Giving priority to developing education


Strengthening education is fundamental to our pursuit of national rejuvenation. We must give priority to education, speed up its modernization, and develop education that people are satisfied with.


Improving the quality of employment and raising incomes


Employment is pivotal to people’s wellbeing. We must give high priority to employment and pursue a proactive employment policy, striving to achieve fuller employment and create better quality jobs.


Strengthening the social security system


We will act on the policy requirements to help those most in need, to build a tightly woven safety net, and to build the necessary institutions, as we work to develop a sustainable multi-tiered social security system that covers the entire population in both urban and rural areas, with clearly defined rights and responsibilities, and support that hits the right level. We will look to see that everyone has access to social security.


We must not forget that housing is for living in, not for speculation. With this in mind, we will move faster to put in place a housing system that ensures supply through multiple sources, provides housing support through multiple channels, and encourages both housing purchase and renting. This will make us better placed to meet the housing needs of all of our people.


Winning the battle against poverty


We must ensure that by the year 2020, all rural residents living below the current poverty line will have been out of poverty, and poverty is eliminated in all poor counties and regions. Poverty alleviation should reach those who truly need it and deliver genuine outcomes.


Carrying out the Healthy China initiative


|A healthy population is a key mark of a prosperous nation and a strong country. We will improve the national health policy, and ensure the delivery of comprehensive lifecyle health services for our people.


Establishing a social governance model based on collaboration, participation and common interests


We will step up institution building in social governance and improve the law-based social governance model under which Party committees exercise leadership, government assumes responsibility, non-governmental actors provide assistance, and the public get involved. We will strengthen public participation and rule of law in social governance, and make such governance smarter and more specialized.


Effectively safeguarding national security


National security is the cornerstone of peace and stability of our country, and safeguarding it is in the fundamental interests of the Chinese people of all ethnic groups. We will improve our national security strategy and policy, guarantee China’s political security, and take coordinated steps to ensure security in all areas.



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